Catnip - Nepeta cataria

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6 X fresh and tender Catnip plug plants.

catnip for sale

Each plug contains a few plants so can either be divided and replanted upon arrival or kept as a clump and repotted into 7cm pots.

The plants will benefit either way by being trimmed by nipping the tops off occasionally to promote a bushy growth habit.

The cut off pieces can be given to your cat to play with until the spring comes and faster growth starts

As the winter is approaching the seedlings will need protection from the elements, a sunny windowsill indoors or greenhouse/polytunnel protection will be ideal. Please note the different coloured leaves, the colder the weather the more purple they become.

Catnip or Catmint (Nepata cataria) is a perennial is a greyish plant with whitish purple flowers. Cat's find it hard resist the intoxicating scent of this plant, and it will need protecting from them. The leaves have a mint-like smell. Use leaves fresh or dry in tea and cat toys. Native habitat is on roadside banks.

 We also sell CATNIP SEEDS

Catnip is the best known plant for a cats pleasure, many a toy has been stuffed with the dried leaves which in turn sends the cat into a frenzy. It affects cats in various ways, from a soft nuzzle to a fully blown euphoric meltdown.  Only about 80% of cats are effected but they might be partial to some other type of plant that contains Nepetalactone,  an organic compound that is the active ingredient. Nepetalactone also repels cockroaches and mosquitos so it’s a win win for you and the cat.

Catnip (Nepata cataria) is a perennial. Cat's find it hard resist the intoxicating scent of this plant. The leaves have a mint-like smell.  Catnip can be grown in pots or the garden. Like most herbs in the mint family, catnip can easily spread and take over outside if allowed to. Responsive cats enjoy a psychosexual reaction that lasts up to 15 minutes, after which cats lose interest in the herb for at least an hour. The stems are as easy to dry as any other mint, and dried catnip retains is psychoactive powers for many months when stored in a cool, dry, dark place. Catnip flowers attract pollinators and other beneficial insects in droves so maybe I won’t let them flower in the house.


Catnip can be grown for several years in the same place with only minimal weeding required. Like most herbs in the mint family, catnip can easily spread and take over a garden if allowed to.

IT'S SLUG TIME!  Protect the plants from slugs and snails.

 Quality Assured If you have any problems with the plants or need any more advice about planting or aftercare please contact me.

The plants will be picked, packed and shipped on the same day, usually the day you order (if it's still light).

First Class delivery and recycled packaging is included in the price.

The last posting of the week will be Thursday evening then I'll resume on the Monday morning. this will ensure the plants don't sit in the sorting office for too long.

Plants will vary slightly from the images.

I offer a money back guarantee if the plants don't arrive in good condition.Please send me a photograph of the plants and the postal arrival date for my quality assurance.



UK mainland and Northern Ireland only please

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