chamomile lawnTreneague Chamomile Lawn Plants.

No plants are available this year. Apologies.


 Our plants are grown from division and as they do not flower cannot be propagated by seed.

The flowering chamomile of both the Roman and German varieties can grow up to 24" and would not really be tidy enough as a lawn although they are delightful in their own right and are widely used in natural remedies.

These Chamomile plants are related to the variety produced In the 1930s by Dorothy Sewart who lived in Wadebridge in Cornwall. Her garden chamomile spread to form a low growing plant which never flowered. It formed a fragrant, neat, rich green lawn which did not turn brown in dry weather. Word soon spread and the plants were distributed far and wide, even ending up in Royal Gardens.

Low Growing

This cloned of variety Treneague which will grow to only 6" but far less if it is walked on occasionally.

Treading on the plants also helps them to spread as this pushed the stems close to the soil where they will root easily. Perfect for the lazy gardener but not used for tea making or any medicinal use as this requires the flower production Ideal for hayfever sufferer, as they don't produce pollen.



Planting the Cuttings

Fully hardy and can be planted as soon as they arrive through your letterbox The rosette cuttings can be planted 6" apart but you can gauge how quickly you want cover.

The closer you plant the faster the cover. We have had plants 1 foot apart and these have bonded well, it just takes a bit longer! These plantlets will take a few weeks to establish so please don’t be too worried if they look a bit lost, they will soon pick up.

Clear any weeds before planting and keep an eye on the bare soil making sure that weeds don't get a hold, especially deep rooted perennials. Plant from March to September keep an eye on the watering for a few weeks after planting, especially in dry spells, try to not let them dry out but don't let them sit in water either... A sunny site will help the plants to grow.

They will thrive in well drained neutral or slightly acid soil.

Care after planting

The plants will benefit from being trimmed, either by hand or a mower once or twice a year. The apple scent is lovely when the plants are trodden on and when established it makes a very restful place to sunbath The plants will also look very attractive in containers.

Increase Your Stock

When the plants are established you can lift up the runners and you will find that these will have rooted in the same way you received our plants. These can be used to increase your stock and either expand your lawn or fill in bald patches. Delivery The bare rooted cuttings will be dispatched by first class post in a Jiffy Bag and will need to be opened as soon as they are delivered. It is important to take the plants out of the plastic bag on delivery as they could rot with the lack of air circulation.

They might look a bit stressed but will soon pick up when planted. If the weather is bad they could be kept damp or "heel" the plants as a group into either loose soil or a plant pot with compost in it.

Quality Assured If you have any problems with the plants or need any more advice about planting or aftercare please contact me.

If you are not entirely satisfied with the young plants I will issue a full refund.

Thanks. Ian,



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