12X 2cm Micro Clover Plug Plants- Nitrogen Fixing Ground Cover

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Pipolina micro clover (Trifolium repens)

Ideal for making small grass free lawn areas.


Generally clover is grown from seed, scattering them onto an established or new lawn.

We’re offering these plugs as a fast alternative to save you having to germinate them from seed. You won’t get as many but if you just need a few then these plugs are a perfect choice.

Nitrogen fixing. Could save money on fertilizers.

Rabbits love it.

Clover seeds are usually added to grass seed mix to help lawns stay green and help to reduce water loss from the soil as they form a mat on the surface.

It’s Short

Hybrid ‘Pipolina’ white clover is shorter; reaching only four to six inches (10 to 15 cm) tall, has smaller foliage and seldom flowers. This miniature clover has all the usual advantages as a companion to turf grass, but less visual presence.

Micro-clover has been around for a decade or so in Europe and has proved to be very reliable in amenity areas and also in lawn alternatives and on the edge of paths. Unlike the larger variety these plants don’t colonize whole areas.

It’s Small

It’s really just an extra-small form of white clover (Trifolium repens) It can be used to create mixed or pure clover lawns that are shorter than Dutch white clover (the lawn industry standard) and that also require less mowing.

Although micro-clover was designed for mixed lawns, it has been tested as a stand-alone groundcover and does fine when used that way.

Micro clover, particularly as a surface for garden paths, in shrub borders, or even as a lawn substitute where mowing is infrequent. The low flower production would keep the clover turf from becoming attractive to honeybees (apologies to all pollinators). If used as a groundcover for paths (perhaps in a vegetable patch), you could cut the edge with a half moon and move the clumps to form new colonies.  The plants don’t flower often so there is little spread from seeds.

Ready for Planting Out

Our small 2cm plugs can be planted out straight away and a strong clump will soon grow.

As we have added quite a few plants in each plug you can divide them up gently be teasing out a few plants and putting them around 6” apart (15cm) or closer if you want them to cover the ground quickly.

If you want to add a lot of plants to your lawn then overseeding would be the best way to proceed, we only supply the small plugs with young plants and not the seeds.  If you just want a few plants for a pathway or to start a small area dedicated to this tiny clover, then plugs can be a fast solution.

Please note: You can get far more plants for your money by growing them from seed and there are a few sellers, but sometimes you just need something fast. These are perfect for small pocket planting.

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