Sagina Subulata - Irish Moss

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Choose from 15-30 plugs


Sagina Subulata plug grown plants irish moss

Ready for planting straight into weed free soil or to grow on in larger pots

Makes a great grass lawn substitute.

Grows well on dry sandy or gravelly soils Use around walkways and between paving stones.

Sagina subulata is also known as pearlwort, Irish-moss, awl-leaf pearlwort, or Scottish moss.

Sagina plants are native to Europe, from Iceland south to Spain, and east to southern Sweden and Romania.

A low-growing prostrate perennial plant forming a thick, dense mat with stems less than 10 cm long, and slender subulate (awl-shaped) leaves up to 1 cm long.

Sagina subulata is one of the best low growing ground covers that is both decorative and low maintenance and has small white flowers to 0.5mm across take form from spring to late summer all over the plant.

Hardy to about -15°C (5°F), it spreads slowly to surround paths and stones with a dense, evergreen, emerald green carpet of tiny, soft feathery leaves that are studded with a swath of white flowers for a short time in mid-summer.

During winter some perennial plants die back to ground level and become dormant, and evergreen perennials can look untidy. The Irish Moss stays green and just gets compact in winter ready for a burst of growth in spring

This compact, dainty ground-cover is one of the most versatile and easy plants to care for.

The plant quickly forms a dense mat of bright green, low growing evergreen foliage that is able to withstand light foot traffic. Once established, these need very little attention with no trimming or cutting needed.

The ground will need to be weed free before planting and check often for weeds trying to take a moss sagina

Soft and spongy to walk on.

Growing Conditions Appearance and Characteristics-

Evergreen Sun Exposure- Full Sun, Part Shade

Flower Colour- White

Soil Type -Normal, Sandy, Loamy

Blooming Time Late Spring – Late Summer

Soil -pH Neutral, Acid, Alkaline

Foliage Colour Shamrock Green

Soil Moisture- Any

Height 5-15cm

Care Level- Easy

Spread 15-30cm

The plugs will be wrapped and fitted into an envelope and sent 1'st class pots. Please take the plugs out of the plastic when they arrive as they might get a bit soggy. I'll delay posting from Friday until Sunday night to ensure the plants don't sit at the sorting office for too long.

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